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What Documents Do I Need To Junk My Car?

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Saying goodbye to your old car, which was with you in all your ups and down, is an emotional decision. Whether it has reached the end of its roadworthiness or you just get rid of it, you need to know the ins and outs of the process.

Before junking your car, you must navigate some paperwork and documentation to ensure a smooth transaction and avoid mistakes while junking your car.

Today, in our blog post, we will discuss the documents required for junk car removal.

Proof of Ownership

Proof of ownership is one of the most important documents for junking your car. It comes in the form of the vehicle’s title. This legal document proves the ownership of your vehicle.

With proof of ownership, you can avoid a lot of difficulties in selling your junk car. If you accidentally lost it, contact the DMV ( Department of Motor Vehicle) to get a duplicate title.

Valid ID

In addition to the title, you must have a valid ID, passport, or driver’s license. Ensuring you have the legal authority to sell or junk your car is important.

Release of Liability

A release of liability form is essential to protect yourself from any legal or financial obligations related to your car. When you hire a junk removal company to get rid of your car, notify the DMV that you are no longer the owner of that vehicle.

The liability form includes the details about the new owner, be it a junk removal company or a private buyer. 

Bill of Sale (Optional)

Depending on the state’s regulations, you may need to provide a bill of sale for junk car removal. This document carries the details of the transaction. It includes the buyer and seller information and the sale price.

Although the bill of sale is optional, it could be helpful in case of any legal issues or disputes in the future. 

Emission Test Certificate (If Applicable)

In some states, you may require an emission test certificate to get rid of your junk car.

Confirming that your vehicle meets the emission standards set by EPA is important. Check the state requirements to see if the emission test certificate is important.

Odometer Disclosure Statement

An odometer disclosure statement is important to get an accurate record of your car’s mileage. Tampering with an odometer is illegal, and it can result in serious consequences.

It could be optional; therefore, you can ask the junk removal company if they need an odometer statement or not.

License Plates

Before selling your vehicle to the junkyard, do not forget to remove your license plates. They will stay with the owner, not the vehicle. Therefore, taking them off and returning them to your local DMV is important.

This ensures that you won’t held responsible for any violations or fees associated with the vehicle after leaving your possession.

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